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UX and Web Designer

Street Noise Books
Date Completed
April 2018
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  • UX Design
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Brand Colors and Fonts




User Flow for the website

Working with the client, I structured the website’s flow in a simple manner. While the client has plans for more features and pages, they are not going to be launching them any time soon, so since the content was simple and in limited quantity, the proposed solution was to go forward with a one-page website.

The following is the user flow for each section of the one-page website,

Design: Desktop

The website was constructed following all the design parameters laid out using clever design techniques and a bunch of CSS to get it to a point where it looked exactly as the client pictured it. The end result is a one-page website that was bold and stark and lives up to the brand’s ethos.

Street Noise Books Website Traverse

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Hi-Fi Wireframes

Design: Mobile

The website’s nuances were well thought of in terms of its responsiveness. The mobile version of the website is loaded with a good amount of CSS to make things look perfect and bold – just like the brand.

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