Bank App


Select a service area and define 3 existing features that are required in the future, and define 3 features that do not yet exist in this area of service. The design should not only provide an engaging user experience, it should also be able to monitor user’s data usage be able to provide with helpful insights and educate them when needed.


UX Designer

Lo-Fi Prototype
Date Completed
August 2018
  • Design Research
  • UX Design

Selecting a Service Area

There are multiple service areas in various sectors that have multiple use cases. For this design exercise, I am picking up the banking service area. Digitalization in banking is on an upswing and being able to capitalize on that can really help businesses take their enterprise to the next level of user engagement. While it helps the businesses, it also helps the individuals dealing with their day-to-day financial requirements to be on top of their game. The Bank App aims to help such individuals in the retail banking sector achieve financial stability and a sound mind when investing, spending and earning money.

Concepts and Ideas

Lo-Fi Wireframe Sketches

The app concept keeps a few features constant as they are essential to the primary financial information they provide to the user, such as,

Debit Card Accounts

Ability to check all debit account transactions.

Credit Card Accounts

Ability to check all credit card account transactions.

Bill Payments

Commit to payments from the debit account to a credit card account and to third-party vendors or individuals.

While these features above, along with many others, will stay constant with minor revision to their layout, there are a few features that this app proposes that do not yet exist in a banking app. These features aim to provide the user with more control over their finances with fluency in financial literacy. These features are,

Portfolio Management

With the introduction of this feature, users can now manage their investment portfolio with the ability to set goals, look at the stocks and bond prices and compare their performance over time with standard ETFs.

Spending Activity

This feature allows the user to add earnings and expenditures right into their banking account, pay bills and transfer money with a complete accounting of how the money comes in and where it goes.

Playful Conversations

The app continues the idea of having a personal financial assistant from various other apps, but with a new gamified experience that allows the user to do all regular tasks, ask queries about fine print detail and play games that help the user build better financial literacy.

User Flow

The Prototype

Thank you!